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Nambu-Kenshi-Kai Kendo Dōjō

The Nambu-Kenshi-Kai is an independent Kendo dojo in Christchurch, New Zealand, enjoying the pursuit of Kendo as a traditional Japanese Budō. We are not affiliated to the New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF), instead we are directly connected to our sensei and dōjō in Japan. We feel this is a better option and enjoy the flexibility of training in kendō as a budō to become better people and improve ourselves rather than as a sport or focusing on competitions and gradings. Individual members are affiliated to the ZNKR (Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei - kendo's parent body in Japan) through our direct connections to Japan. Kendo is an ideal way of learning about traditional Japanese culture, keeping fit and making yourself a better person.