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Dōjō rules and Guidance

As we are learning an art that has been handed down to us from Samurai times in Japan, more than 400 years of direct transmission it is important that standards of behaviour are adhered to. Additionally, we are learning an art that is centered on the proficient use of the katana, which needs to be handled with respect at all times. With this in mind, the Mugai-ryu Dōjō expects the following rules and guidelines to be followed at all times by all members.

  1. Be mindful that you are seen to be representing the dōjō at all times when you do anything related to Budō, Iaidō or the katana. How you behave reflects on your sensei, senpai and sensei in Japan. At all times strive to be a better person, be respectful and polite to others, to other Budō and other dōjōs and do not do anything which may be taken negatively by others.
  2. Observe health and safety practices at all times when handling swords and other equipment. Make sure your iaito is in good order at all times, check the mekugi is still there, fix anything that looks to be coming loose. Make sure you take care of your own physical condition, and maintain all of your gear in good condition at all times. When handling the sword, don't use it in any manner apart from that which you learn in the dōjō.
  3. In relationships with other dōjōs, visitors, or other dōjō members, always act politely and represent our dōjō well.
  4. All members must only visit other Iaidō, Jodō or Kendō dōjōs with the knowledge and permission of your sensei. Inviting guests to our dōjō is encouraged, but people who are already training at another iaidō, jodō or kendō dōjō must make contact through their own sensei before visiting us.
  5. It is not acceptable to be a member of another iaidō, jodō or kendō dōjō in NZ iat the same time if you are a member of our dōjō
  6. It is not acceptable to teach others Iaidō, jodō, kendō or kenjutsu without the knowledge or permission of your sensei
  7. Observe all dōjō etiquette guidelines at all times
  8. Be proactive in setting up, tidying up, taking home and cleaning zokin, etc
  9. Be on time, everytime and use the online communication groups proactively
  10. Post up every time as soon as possible beforehand when you are not able to make it to training
  11. Be responsible to pay any applicable fees on time and the correct amount without having to be asked to do so. This is importantly your own responsibility and you shouldn't need reminding
  12. Make an effort to have good reigi at all times
  13. Come to training as often as possible, injury or lack of motivation is not an excuse to miss training as mitori-geiko is as valuable as joining in yourself and there are many ways to train.
  14. You may quit this dojo at any time without any pressure, but when you finish training with us, be polite, bring any borrowed gear back and say goodbye to all members nicely